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the PCG graph is quite good fun

grand marshal polycounter
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poopipe grand marshal polycounter

I've got some roads
and I've got the edges of the roads(mostly) marked out
and I've got little plots aligned with the edges of the roads
I think I can see where this is going.. 

Does anyone know how (or if) the LandscapeTexturePatch component works?  I've got the circle version working.
The code made my head hurt when I looked so I'm hoping someone else will have worked out what's going on


  • Larry
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    Larry interpolator
    If I do not confuse it at the moment with something else, you need to add it in the blueprint to have any effects, then click on the component to set its parameters on the details panel. So you could spawn an empty blueprint with the patch on those edges

    PCG is great but a really different workflow - I've come to many roadblocks and the way it works is not very intuitive compared to the rest of UE.
  • poopipe
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    poopipe grand marshal polycounter
    the texture patch doesn't seem to do anything sadly. I can't set a texture on it and there's no docs  to tell me whether it has to be a specific type. 

    PCG is messy at the moment but the basic premise of tagging points is pretty similar to houdini's method of passing data around and if you're used to working with shaders the way you process points is fairly intuitive. 
    They really need to work on how custom blueprint nodes are implemented though - it appears quite limited compared to what you can do in c++ and they're a huge pain in the arse to put together  (im not familiar enough with unreal c++ to actually make anything without getting very angry so i'm just living with the limitations at the moment

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