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Hello everyone,


I just want to warn you to keep away from Axiomgallery.com and anything related to it. This is a big scamming platform, that shows itself as an NFT marketplace.
Just please stay away from them, they may send you an email like:

Hello, I hope this mail finds you well. I’m Elodie Myla from Swansea City Wales, UK. I came across your artworks on Artstation, honestly speaking I really love and appreciate your artworks, they are unique and outstanding. After much consideration, I am thrilled to extend an offer to acquire

as NFT
 Considering the
 significance of this artworks to your artistic journey, I propose an offer of 4500 euros paid in Ethereum (2.5ETH) per each of these artworks. I believe transforming this masterpieces into an NFTs would not only preserve their timeless values but also allow a wider audience to appreciate and celebrate your artistic legacy in the digital realm.

I would love to buy more of them but let's just start with those fine pieces first and see how the business goes. 
Looking forward to hear from you.  

Best regards,
Do not believe it, there is a fee of 0.2 ETH to create an NFT:

It is a first scam, but the person who contacted you may offer you to pay that fee if you push it and if you agree then there will be the next stage.
The next stage is the withdrawal fee which is 15% of your "sold" NFT price. Again, if you push it, the scammer will offer you to pay all of it or most of it. 

After that withdrawal fee will be paid there will be a next stage. When you try to withdraw funds from sold NFT's you will get this: 

Scammers for Axiom will ask you to "validate" your account, and validation fee, which is 1 ETH, which I hope no one in conscious mind will ever do.

Please stay away for Axiomgalley, this is a scam. Share it with people you know, so no one get scammed, and scammers will be out of money.
Stay safe and beware of scam.
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