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hololive FPS Fangame Looking for 3D Modelers/Animators!

So this is a passion project of mine I’ve had stewing around in my head for a while now, and I thought why not give it a shot, especially now with the chance of monetization for hololive fangames! The development has been on a brief hiatus over the last month, but we're now starting back up with recruiting more talented hololive fans!

So holospark will be a 4v4 team-based hero shooter a la Overwatch/Valorant/Apex built around characters from hololive! It has a blend of both familiar mechanics and new ideas, including a block mechanic and a lack of typical concrete roles, opting instead to focus on making completely unique characters that are fun to play as and against, with mobility options allowing for extremely creativity movement! Ideally the game will launch with 8-10 characters and at least 3 maps. Customization includes skins, emotes, voice lines, and sprayable art. With enough support, the game will also feature full voice acting! The art style is planned to be colorful and vibrant, with stylish super animations and other artistic flourishes! We're hoping to create a demo and gain monetization permission through the holoindie program!

We're looking for talented hololive fans who can create high-quality 3D models and/or animate them according to the game's planned vibrant punk cel-shaded style! If you'd like to reach out, my name on Discord is tennekorin

Thanks for your interest!

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