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[PAID] Looking for artist to help us with stylized terrain textures in Unity (Shader Graph)

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We are looking for a 2D/3D Artist to help us with some stylized textures for our terrain, for the city builder-colony sim we are working on in Unity (URP) - inspired by Viking theme.

We are currently trying to make our world feel more stylized and warmer. We have a procedurally generated terrain setup in Unity, with some basic shader/material with flat colors set per heights of the terrain, with some blending. We need an artist that can help us create stylized textures for the terrain, including grass, rock, gravel, snow. We have stylized models for buildings and environment objects that we can provide to try to adapt it better with you.

Aside of this, we would expand this job to include a work for making a stylized textures for paths/roads and for them to blend with the terrain when instantiated. These textures should of course be fitting the terrain textures. This part is crucial as it was blocking us for some time now, and we really need someone to unblock us here. 

Shader Graph in Unity was set as a requirement in the title of this post, but if any other solution is suggested, we will be more than happy to look into it with you! Unity experience is a must at this point.

With your reply to this post - could you please answer the following questions:

- How would you approach creating a shader for terrain textures that supports proper blending.
- Is solving the blending of newly instantiated objects (roads/paths) with the terrain textures similar to above solution?

Please do send us your previous work within the message in form of a portfolio or such. 
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