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Vidar - The Silent God

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Hello everyone!
This is my recent artwork, an original realtime design created during Igor Catto’s course of realtime characters at the ICS school. It was an incredible experience being able to learn with Igor and having his guidance throughout the entire process.
I was responsible for all aspects of the character creation, from initial concept design sketchs in Zbrush to the final renders using Unreal 5.
I was highly inspired by God of war, Assassin’s Creed games and the Norse mythology during the design stage for Vidar.
I would like to thank Igor Catto for all feedback and advice that he gave me during the course, and also my friends who accompanied me during the whole character creation.

For more images: www.artstation.com/walterjunior3d

My Instagram: www.instagram.com/walter_3dart


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