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Hi! I'm a 3D artist trying to break into the game industry for a year now, and I try to improve my portfolio as much as I can. But I keep worrying that no matter how much I try, it isn't enough. Can you take a look at it and give me some feedback? Do I even have a chance? This is my life goal. https://www.artstation.com/omerrudnick1


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    I'd say make friends with similar interests or find those game-art-jams and say "hey, I'll help make some stuff and make connections", group with a team you can trust and start a project that is not to big/long to accomplish and make games with people, right now all i see are people trying to get into the industry without trying to group up make a game and kick the middlemen out, even if the projects are bad you will learn probably a lot more valuable information that just constantly posting artworks, that is what i find anyway.  (FNAF, walten files,poppy playtime,baldy's basics, ect.ect.ect all looked strange and everyone loved them...)

    I wouldn't know where to look, sometimes i get links but i save so many links and never really visit any cause i always want to make something else and all this stuff takes years to do for me cause i got no help really so it's all me and not a discord of 1000 artist i can get feedback from 24/7 and get promoted to the top quicker.  All the best with your journey.
  • Fabi_G
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    Hi! If your goal is to create environments for games, I would present in a game engine. That way you have to learn how to implement assets and generally setup a scene, which is crucial imo.

    I think the works themselves look a bit simple and are not there yet. Here you could inspect existing samples (Unity and Unreal both have those), use existing assets as benchmark for your own creations and build scenes combining the two.

    Also I would practice translating existing concepts faithfully into 3d. This way you're also pushed in terms of complexity. I think Bi-monthly environment challenge is a good training ground for that.

    For a game art portfolio, I would also include some breakdowns to show that the assets are actually fit for real-time. 

    Good luck!
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