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[WIP] Post-apocalyptic Axe

polycounter lvl 9
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Stoki polycounter lvl 9
I'm stuck. I don't really know what else can I do with my textures on this model. My biggest pain are the stripes, I have no idea how can I make them look good in Substance Painter. Should I give every stripe a separate ID and change texture direction separately? Are my choices of materials even any good?


  • iam717
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    iam717 greentooth
    i think you are in a good position to look through some posted artwork that is similar to this.  Look at what you might be able to add from them, such as darkening areas between the elements or grime ect,ect, to the materials.  

    There is a recently posted blade and shield you can reference to push this further if you wanted to, one of the recent threads, I'd recommend checking it out to push you to do more while you wait for any direct responses.  

    For me this is fine, i forget what name this looks like it came from, the one in the cave with some beast chasing you through underground tunnels.  Anywho, i'd say you could take this as a learning curve and start a new thing or try to enhance it.  Hopefully someone who knows more can chime in, if it doesn't hurt their fingers.
  • PatSaenzG
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    PatSaenzG polycounter lvl 4
    I'm a relative newbie to the industry but here's what I'd say;

    Regarding the leather stripes you could use a color ID or good old fashioned freehand to separate out some of the stripes closer to the top and either make upper ones lighter or (the option I'd personally go with) the bottom ones darker. Look at other works to find the right balance. 

    (Apologies for the awful coloring, I freehanded it with a mouse)

    To add to the previous post; use the added touches to make the model a little more unique. 

    Ex. The Survivors Weapon: patches of dried blood here and there, tally marks along the handle, the blade edge being cleaner then the rest of the metal because it's maintained and kept sharp.

    Hope that helps you somewhat. :smile:
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