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3D Artist (Character, creature, props, clothing) - Omar Farooqui -Paid Work

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Hi everyone,

 I'm looking for work, any opportunities that are paid please contact me. I am based in the UK, England and have experience working for some production companies as an outsourced 3D artist.

Here is my portfolio link;-

 My experience is varied, having worked as a texture artist, character artist, prop artist, and a wider variety of things like working with 3D scans translating them into production ready assets.

 My software knowledge is as follows;-
- Autodesk Maya
- Zbrush
- Substance Painter
- Photoshop
- Substance Sampler
- Marvelous Designer
- Unreal Engine 5
- Vray Renderer

 Open to discuss rates, I have worked both high and low.

Usual daily rate would be £170. Open to negotiate as long as I get some work.
I am open to talk about per project rates aswell.

 I'm ready to work and book my time, contact me for any opportunity you would like to discuss and we can talk details.

 You can email me on omar_0007@hotmail.com
with the subject line "3D Job Polycount".

I will respond as soon as I can and we can share further contact details if you would like.
Look forward to hearing from you.

      Omar Farooqui, 3D Artist.
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