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Hello My name is Javier Zaglul and I am a 3d artist. I have extensive knowledge of 3D and knowledge in several 3D programs/techniques under my toolbelt which I would gladly use in any project. In my former role as a 3d artist in the industry, I was responsible for 3d work such as sculpting, modeling, uv mapping and textures with most of the 3d art works From modeling and sculpting to UV mapping, texturing, and rendering, I am flexible in many areas of 3D. I am enthusiastic at every opportunity to do the work. In the past I have gone above and beyond to see a project to completion, communicate issues as soon as they appear, and make sure that I hit agreed upon deadlines set by the project manager.  I'm dedicated to my craft and enjoy seeing projects go from start to the finish line. I appreciate your consideration and time. I am available to discuss any questions you have 

Portafolio: javierzaglul.artstation.com

Email: javierzaglul@gmail.com

My work: 
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