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[SOLVED] 3dsmax 2024 force peel to use LSCM instead of unfold

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Vexod14 polycounter
Hello there,

All is in the title. I recently jumped from 3dsmax 2021 to 2024 and after being quite surprised by the new "Unfold" or "Unfold3D" or "Unfold3D Optimize" algo they put everywhere in pack, peel, relax.

My question is : is there a way to set any algo I'd like to have by default for everytime I'll go and edit any new UVs ? I can set to default the relax/packing to whatever I want, but the peel always resets to the "unfold" method, which to me is much less practical/efficient than LSCM and I'd like to always have this one set by default instead of having to modify it manually. Perhaps there a way to edit the UVW Unwrap modifier file somewhere to mute the "Unfold" option ?

Please help me, you're my only hope ♥


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