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Artifacts in baking

So i decided to make my first model of Nanachi from Made in abyss and retopologize it fully in blender, but eventually it came to using Marmoset and Substance and it just drove me nuts, since there is nothing i can find of a solution. Might be a lot of trouble with UV cos i used my own hands to make it and place on UV map 
In the substance same situation and almost EVERY edge is marked with "missing seams on hard edges" pink, except where real seams located
here is some notes on how i at least tried something to place in UV, if it mirrored then i overlapped them.
some part on hat is bigger to add details after, but i'm no forward thinker since i hecked up the baking already.


  • Fabi_G
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    Fabi_G insane polycounter
    Hi! What does the lowpolys' shading look like? Is it facetted/all hard edges? If so, shade it smooth.
    Should you use hard edges, remember to split UVs along those edges to prevent artifacts when baking.

    Regarding UVs of mirrored and duplicated/instanced parts, I recommend to offset those by 1 to prevent issues with baking and when using world projected maps (two points in 3d space writing to the same pixel on the texture). Using Blenders mirror modifier you can set the offset of the generated UVs in the modifier. With duplicates/instances you can offset the UVs using the UV warp modifier.
  • Dragon_Demon
    Yeah the problem was in shading, i just needed it to shade smooth and fix some mistakes. Thanks a bunch! (cos i swear, i didn't find the solution and it drove me absolutely nuts)
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