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[Paid] Tech-artist for five or more beautifully animated skyboxes

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This is Richard Löwenstein from the small Indie game development team spieleschreiber. We are based close to Munich in Germany. We seek a tech artist to create five sci-fi nature-themed skybox backgrounds for a Unity-based shoot-em-up arcade game on PC.

One in-game theme has the female pilot hero approaching her home planet's sun in her spacecraft. The skybox should display a vast animated sun surface scene reminiscent of a modern version from the classic shoot-em-up game Axelay  or our recent release Reshoot Proxima 3 for the classic Commodore Amiga platform

We are searching for a high quality shader and environmental expert available in the short-term for delivery of the sun Skybox and at least four further Skybox sceneries within 3 to 5 months. 

I am looking forward to your reply, including a budget estimation.


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