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Unity Material Confusion!

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Dubious_Fellow polycounter lvl 7

I'm working on a project using the Standard Pipeline in Unity.
The artist has sent the follow textures along with an .abc grass mesh:
But we have been using the Autodesk Interactive Shader which looks like this:
Where do the Displacement, Opacity, and Translucency maps go?

Should we not be using the Autodesk Interactive shader? (I've had good results with it before.)

-This is my first professional job, and I don't want to screw it up, or look like a fool in front of the client. But things have evolved since I completed by degree, and am a little lost here (I'm not in direct contact with the artist, and any questions would have to go via the client). So any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • Dubious_Fellow
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    Dubious_Fellow polycounter lvl 7
    Chat gpt 3.5 to rescue! Will post my convo with it when I get a chance (i.e. not tonight), just in case anybody else has the same issue...
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    Fabi_G insane polycounter
    Hi! I would just ask. Do they have any documentation (tech art, rules, conventions) for the project? Shaders, naming conventions, texture resolutions (8k? What's this for?), texture packing, ... . I would assume that someone with (technical) experience oversees the project. If not, that's something I would question. Some projects are more structured than others, but everybody brewing their own stew will likely lead to issues/additional time cost down the road.

    Once shaders are set, it's clear what maps and packing is required. Some programs (like Painter) allow for export presets. I think ideally, artists check their assets in a test scene in engine, using the shaders. If for different people the asset look different, giving feedback/iterating is going to be a pain.

    Good luck!
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