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[FILLED] 2D Character and Background artist needed for cutesy cat cafe game

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Dawson polycounter lvl 5
Who we are: Hi, my name is Dawson.  I'm a professional developer for a major US tech company.  Outside of work, I'm a writer and occasional game developer.  I'm working with a friend who is a developer at a different major US tech company and a talented musician.

What I'm building: a cute mobile 2d game where you run a cafe for cats. The gameplay revolves around standing behind a counter, cats will come up to the counter and order things like a saucer of milk. The gameplay will involve putting together the order and will involve tasks like "pouring just the right amount of milk" and "heating for the right amount of time."

What I need: we are looking for an artist that can do a cute, hand drawn aesthetic for the game. We need multiple drawings of cats and drawings of the cafe itself as well as the order items.  We're early in stages of ideation so the right artist will have a lot of leeway to define the appearance and feeling of the game.

This is a paid contract. Please send a link to your portfolio and ballpark estimates on cost.

Thank you!
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