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What software to make normal map from high resolution(8-16k) photos?

I need some software, so I can make decent normal maps from photos. Not from mesh. The export resolution will be 8 or 16k. 16k is better if possible. I need some control over fine details. I don't know, what would you recommend, so the quality will be decent.


  • rexo12
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    rexo12 interpolator
    the Substance B2M (if that's even still around) or Sampler tools are your best bet. Understand that you aren't going to get anywhere near 'realistic' normal information from albedo photos, they're all just guessing based on perceived slopes in the image signal. Results are generally substandard in my experience.

    If you are shooting the surfaces yourself photogrammetry (https://sebvhe.gumroad.com/l/VGDI ) will provide accurate geometry information that you can get accurate normals from. You can also do multi-angle scans which are slightly less time consuming than photogrammetry, but you need to be able to control the lighting precisely so not suitable for field shooting: https://helpx.adobe.com/substance-3d-sampler/filters/tools/multiangle-to-material.html.

  • gnoop
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    gnoop polycounter
    it works ok only in rare cases where photo resembles heigh info .   Something  taken at overcast sky  and more or less  color even .   In all other cases  such normal maps look awful  when light  angles are sharp to surface . Adobe Sampler have AI that could try to guess height info   but it works more or less fine for those  cloudy shots too and for limited number of subjects. 
    Photoshop also has some neural Depth blur filter with "depth only" output  checkbox instead of the blur   which can try to recognize depth from an image . Sometimes could be helpful  for same kind of photos.
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