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Place of Mind Qisha

I chose place of Mind as one of my finished projects.

Firstly, my Place of Mind project was inspired by a Four Pillars of Destiny in China called the Bazhi. The Eight Characteristics originated from the I Ching, which predicts our future through the year, month, day and time of birth. Through the predictions of ancient Chinese soothsayers, they concluded that there are 10 different fates.

One of the 10 destinies I've chosen is called "Qisha Fates". I want to anthropomorphise this fate.

According to ancient Chinese astrologers, the Qisha fate is extremely vicious. Despite their name, they can be mastered. As long as one can control the demons of the Qisha, the Qisha can be used for yourself. Therefore, the Qisha fate has more perseverance, ambition and courage than ordinary people. Many famous and great people are Qisha Destiny.

I chose the Youxia overall Qisha temperament. Youxia is an ancient Chinese profession, they travelled all over the world to help people, similar to knights in the West, but knights served the king, while Youxias followed his heart. In most Chinese novels, there is a Youxia who finds himself and grows on his journey. This process is similar to the growth process of Qisha, which is why I chose Youxia.

Here's a draft I did of the Qisha Anthropomorphisms.

His face is half human, half Buddha, inspired by this Buddha statue.

First off, why I added the armour because the Touxia feels too light, and the Qisha Fates are going to be a bit heavier, so I added the weight. The yellow strips of cloth on top of his clothes are called talismans, which are used in China to seal ghosts. On the props, I added the yin yang diagram to his sword as well.

Here are the ZBursh parts.

I used a plugin for the hair.

The skirt is used CLO.

I used 3D Scan Store to make the face maps. Above is what the face looked like when it went into substance painter.

Then I found out that there was something wrong with the structure of the face, so I re-sculpted the face individually to look like this.

Here's a rendering of the white film with a grid diagram.
For the final effect, I rendered it with Maroset.


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