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Mobile App Development Opportunity – Join AR Project!

I'm working on an exciting mobile app that utilizes AR technology to create an engaging user experience. As the sole member of the team, I'm seeking a skilled programmer with experience in Unity or Unreal Engine and C# to collaborate with me on this project. If you're passionate about innovative technology and enjoy exploring new ideas, I'd love to hear from you.

At this stage, external funding is not available, but I'm offering a compensation of $500 to the individual who joins me with a genuine commitment to actively participate in the app's development, particularly during the initial prototyping phase. While the amount may not be substantial, I value finding a partner who shares my enthusiasm and dedication to this project, rather than simply seeking someone to complete tasks. This is an opportunity to be part of an exciting venture right from its inception and contribute your skills, ideas, and passion to shape its future.

Before sharing more project details, please note that signing a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is required to ensure the confidentiality of shared information, enabling us to freely exchange ideas and collaborate with confidence.


• Collaborate with me to develop a Unity or Unreal Engine-based prototype or minimum viable product (MVP)

• Implement AR technology to enhance the user experience

• Explore and experiment with new ideas to push the app's boundaries


• Proficiency in Unity or Unreal Engine and C#

• Strong problem-solving and debugging skills

• Passion for innovative technology and a drive to create something remarkable


• Gain hands-on experience in developing an AR mobile app from the ground up

• Collaborate closely with me to shape the project's direction and vision

• Share in any potential revenue generated based on your level of contribution

I'm happy to provide more information about the project and discuss how we can work together to bring it to life.

If you're interested in this opportunity, please reach out to me on Discord:

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