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Substance painter: Correct way to increase normal map intensity

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Jazon99 node

I am doing some landscapes. Texturing in Substance Painter with pbr materials. What is the preferable way to increase normal map intensity to match other masked layers? Using levels on a normal map and with an upper slider? Or using a contrast filter to increase contrast? If I play with the level slider, I can get some little wild colors (normal map).

You can see my normal map and terrain in the two added images. I still need to change the intensity. I need some pro tips; the upper masked part has a very strong normal map. Other layers have much weaker ones. I don't know what would be a good normal map balance for landscapes. Should I ramp up contrast on other normal maps to match the strong one? Is it better to get a strong normal map? Or a more balanced, weaker one?

I set the height map layer to 0. I figured if I used a height map layer, it messes my normal map after export. In that situation, I get a different normal map as I see it in the preview. That is why is don't use height map layer and I don't use it currently for micro displacement.

Thank you for your knowledge.


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