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Senior 3D Character Artist with Prop + Environment Experience

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Jarran polycounter lvl 11
Hi! I'm Jarran - I've been working in Games and XR for over 7 years now. I specialise in Characters but have experience in the entire pipeline (Environments, Lighting, Props, VFX, Optimisation) along with working with small teams to improve their pipelines and mentor juniors.

Previous clients include NASA, Sky, Maze Theory, Snap Finger Click, Afterburner, Unclear Games, Foxbyte Games, Gorillaz/Jaguar etc etc

I have immediate availability, my rates are scalable based upon your project needs and your team size. I also work closely with a number of other freelancers so if a job is bigger than just myself I can pull other people on board and lead the team so you just liase with me and we get the job done

I can send more recent work that cannot be publicly shared along with client references on request. Thanks!


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