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Decided to go into the new year with a new project! I wanted to do something a little out of my comfort zone, but still doable enough for me. I decided to work on a gentleman vampire after watching the Interview with the Vampire series. I've already done an incredibly rough blockout this past week, but plan on refining the clothing a little more this upcoming week!I've only worked on the head for like a day, and I like where it's going, but I still need to tweak some things that feel odd with it before I'm truly happy with it.
 I found some lovely reference for the clothing I'm going for over on pinterest, and am starting mostly off of the green set. I do need to collect more reference once I get to the finer details, because I'd like to put more care into the smaller things like buttons and threading; but for now this much is fine for me to get a good enough grasp of the outfit to start modelling. 

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