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(Closed) Looking for a pragmatic artist for character modeling for a video game.

I'm working on a samurai-inspired game, and I am looking for someone who can make me an NPC model. I need a Japanese-looking man dressed in a traditional kimono, hakama, and belt. The image in this ebay posting is a good representation of what I'm looking for: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/183848370343

I need the character to fit my existing industry-standard rig that I will provide.  

My expectations:
- I receive a ready-to-go textured and rigged model for Unity in URP.
- I receive all source files.
- I own the work and exclusively use of it, but you can include it in your portfolio to show prospective clients/employers.
- You have the software and licenses you need to perform the work.
- We will have a contract with clear deadlines and milestones.

Style: Realistic and should fit with the assets from Edo Factory: https://assetstore.unity.com/publishers/10792
The game is first-person.

The level of detail is difficult for me to say anything about. The limiting factor here is my budget. As an indie developer, I need something that works early in the development cycle, looks good enough for alpha testers, and, ideally, for some promotional videos showing gameplay—a budget of around 300 USD and not aiming for AAA quality at this stage. However, I want to up the quality in time.

I know there are sources of base human models; if using something like this cuts down on the cost, and it is appropriately licensed for commercial use, I'm open to that.

If you are interested, send me an e-mail with:
- A portfolio showing characters you have made
- Your rates (fixed fee) and any assumptions you made about quality, revision, and such. Alternatively, add more than one price for different detail levels.
- Include an image of a character of the same quality and detail of work that you have priced

Contact information: post@eternal.builders
Project web page: https://eternal.builders/

Additional information is not super relevant for the first job, but it might be interesting anyway.

I want to expand on the model in the future so that it has variations of hair, faces, clothing colors, and additional clothing items to get many NPCs out of this model. I will eventually need a similar female version and children of both genders. And probably much more. So, if the collaboration works, there might be an opportunity for more assignments.

--- Edited
More specific about the budget to avoid missunderstandings.
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