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Want to learn Concept Art

I am 17 years old and interested in learning concept art. Can anyone guide me through the process by which I can learn it?

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    Hi! Maybe you find some info useful for you in the wiki page: http://wiki.polycount.com/wiki/Concept.

    In my mind, concept art is a tool to efficiently problem solve and make (art) design decisions and not to be confused with illustrations/promotional art. Those might obscure more in order to sell/narrate.

    I see many concept artists using some 3d as a base. In a production, sometimes there might already exist some greybox levels or blockouts to be used as reference. Or the tasks is to refine or change an existing design. I think typically a visual design also communicates the function/interaction/game design. 

    Using references from life for various aspects helps to achieve believable/grounded designs.

    Since some designs cover lots of ground, several complementing works might be necessary to communicate the whole picture. Say from general mood over architecture and structurs down to props, details and ornaments.

    Some concept art books might give you an insight into the design work, although most also include promo art. I fondly remember the one for Alan Wake (using real people and clothes) and Dark souls (scribbles describing mood).

    I would practice with a subject you have an interest in (and probably some knowledge already). Also good to set some parameters to begin with (camera/perspective, what kind of game/experience). Another exercise could be too expand something that already exists, like creating a new location.

    Much success!
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