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[UE5]/[ZBrush]/[Maya] Newbie Sci-fi animation project from scratch

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I create this topic because, i really don't have experience in the animation industry and i think i'll need some help from that peopels who have way more experience than me, about it's acceptable from a newbie?

I think the project is branched in many ways, the ship will soon be completed, of course only the exterior.The interior is slowly going, and the settlement is also being built on the red planet.
Ship Interior:

Settlement on the planet:
The last line of the project is the main character body and rig, because this one is a bit time consuming. The body is created in ZBrush the in Maya and i not use any Advanced Skeleton or build-in plugin, i would like to create my own rig what can use later for other characters.

The second important thing was create joint connection real as possible

So that's all about my hobby project i hope somebody will found intresting enough to share his critiques or opinion maybe tips and tricks with me. I close the lines with one last pictures, thank you for reading!

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