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Looking for Concept Artist for Cyberpunk Project

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Concept Artist

Employees work remotely


Company Description

Envoidant Studio mission is to create cinematic immersive games that feel more like a simulation than just cookie-cutter genre fair. We’re a studio of passionate gamers who will stop at nothing to give a truly lived-in experience with a reactive world.

Job Description

Envoidant is looking for a talented and cultured Concept Artist who can help realize our ideas and concepts into breathtaking pieces. Concept  Artist will also be responsible for both character designs and environmental art.  The artist should be able to tie real-world cultural value and aesthetics into their work through extensive research. Designs should also be functional and practical -- even in our cyberpunk setting.  Artists are not only creating function pieces for the game but defining the aesthetics of culture in an art bible. 

Daily Responsibilities

  • Ability to Create high-quality content concept art for environments and props, including lighting keys, color scripts, line art, and graphic design

  • Highly motivated and imaginative

  • Extensive Research and collecting findings in mood boards

  • Demonstrate a broad range of drawing and design abilities that are aligned with the style of the project

  • Collaborate with the Creative Director and Level designers to address complexity and flow.

  • Follow art direction consistently and implement feedback accurately

  • Submit work in a timely fashion


  • 3+ years of relevant concept art experience

  • A portfolio demonstrating proficiency in foundational art skills (drawing, painting and rendering, material indication, perspective, composition, color theory, design, lighting, and 2d and 3d design techniques)

  • Clearly demonstrates outstanding ability in the areas of artistic and stylistic versatility

  • Excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills

Send Portfolio and CV to carlin@envoidantstudios.io

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