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[CLOSED] Model and Animate a Scary Creature to be Used in Unity for $30

We are looking for a 3D modeler who can design and animate a scary creature for $30 USD for an indie game. It is for a horror map and is basically a creature that crawls along the ground towards players to jumpscare them. It should be scary and animated in a way where it looks like it has 4 legs crawling quickly across the ground. 

 If you are hired, we will send you a very basic prototype of the basic design of the creature that we made already. Your job will be to add scary features, more detail, and the animation of crawling. You can make edits however you like and we’ll provide suggestions along the way. The goal is to make an original creature that is truly scary to players.

The animation and design could perhaps be modeled similar to the monster in this video link.


If you are interested, please send us an email directly to capuchincaverns@gmail.com. Please don’t contact us through PolyCount. Thank you!

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