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Offering/Looking for: Commission Work as 2D Game Artist
Payment: 50 EUR/hour (offering fixed price solutions) (taxes, licence fees and transfer costs already included)
Language: English/German
Professional Inquiries: jana@2dpixx.de (email only)
Website: https://www.2dpixx.de/


I am a freelance artist bookable for task-based commission works on your project specific 2D Game Art.

My professional focus lies on project-ready asset art, meaning creating art in relation to a conceptual vision, interactive functionality and engine implementation.

If you have a specific asset need paired with a clear written idea, art references or even a conceptual sketch, contact me to get into detailed talks and maybe even get presented a direct offer.

I am experienced with works on puzzle games, point and click adventures, platfomer, rpgs, adventures, various arcade style games and more.

I illustrate, I animate and can work with various techniques as well as adopt to given style directions.

Contact me if you need some help on your projects and we can work out the rest.

Stay creative and have a great day!

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