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Looking for a mentor/ career advise for a beginner 3d props/environment artist

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muratpasaDi triangle
My name is Diana. I have been developing in 3d for the last two years with ups and downs.
It started with a 3d generalist course then a lot of youtube self-help videos, then tiago klafke's environment course on gumroad, some non-profit projects, some attempts to sell models on sketchfab.

So it all lead to portfolio on Artstation and sketchfab.
Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/dianaagl95
Sketchfab: https://sketchfab.com/3DCraftsman

So that is where I am now and I feel kind of lost in this field. My main questions are 
1. Should I pursue prop artist way or environment? 
I saw more environment artist positions that prop artist. But I don't really have good environments to show for a job, and what is the most efficient way to show your skills in the area for a beginner.

2. What resources would you suggest with people who offer mentorship in 3d?

3. Where should I look for internship for example and what their requirements for candidates

4. Is it difficult to find remote job options compared to office?
I live in a small country with very limited job opportunities in gamedev. So I would like to try applying for remote positions but I am not sure is it even an option especially for beginners.

I appreciate any of your thoughts on the topics, thank you.


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