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Stargang Character

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Corweee polycounter lvl 8

I've been working on this character off and on for a little while now. I spent a majority of the time in UE5 trying to achieve some great look dev. Aside from the wireframes, everything was captured in UE5.
Polycount for the character is 64k tris, and the gun is 5.3k tris. There are 3 texture sets, One 4k for the character, and two 2k for the gun and hair. Color textures were a combination of baked out vertex colors from Zbrush, baking lighting in marmoset and then painting in 3D Coat, with roughness and additional normal detail applied in substance painter. Shaders/materials were created in Unreal for the hair and emissive color change.
Concept is from Yi Zhang: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/X1OoJY


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