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Star Wars CIS Ground Armored Tank (WIP)

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Warlord_Sieck polycounter lvl 5
Hello! I have been working on this Ground Armored Tank (GAT) model on and off for a while now.

I have been using booleans to great effect to achieve details that are normally exceedingly difficult to sculpt by other, more traditional means. However, I have been having some difficulty remaking this detail:

and here is the same detail that was textured on a fan-made model that was modded into the original Star Wars: Battlefront (2004):

Finally, here is the full concept art image of the GAT that was made during Pandemic Studios' Star Wars: The Clone Wars' (2002) development: 

Any pointers on how to achieve integrating that detail into the high poly would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, any critiques are also more than welcome!

Thanks in advance,


  • sacboi
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    sacboi high dynamic range
    IMO looking at the SW Battlefront 2004 ref, possibly some sort of recessed port whether a weapon or proximity LED?!

    Too model that shape and match edge segments as well, just simply run another boolean operation (Union) & cleanup or free-form technique, I mean either method will do the trick.

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