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[3DSMAX] Boolean mod variable width fillets like Meshfusion. [Feature request] Please vote.

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OccultMonk interpolator
Now that there is a boolean modifier in 3dsmax, this seems like a logical next step.

Please vote for this feature request on the 3dsmax forum: 


From that post:

"Fillets with variable width between boolean operant intersections. The idea would be for the Boolean modifier to cut strips of variable width between the intersections of Boolean objects. Those gaps can be filled with a smooth bridging algorithm that creates topology strips to fill those gaps. This would be a game-changing feature for modeling as it would allow solid-modeling-like variable-width fillets. No other poly modeling software except Modo offers this feature.

The main problem with using the Retopology modifier to create somewhat smoothed intersections is that those intersection fillets can't be large and of variable width like Modo Meshfusion. There used to be Hardmesh for 3dsmax, but it is no longer updated for 3dsmax since 2020 and is not well integrated with the new boolean workflow. There is also Smoothboolean, but it only works statically on Proboolean objects and not inside the modifier stack.

 Just like Meshfusion, it does not have to constantly 'live' update when moving or changing boolean operants. That would be slow and performance-heavy. The solution would be that during changing of the boolean operants scale/move/rotate etc the base booleans operations are displayed (without the fillets) and as soon as the user stops editing, the fillets can be re-generated for those changed objects (Either with manual or automatic updating options). Also, there could be some sort of cashing of the resulting geometry so loading would be faster."


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