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Check it out on Discord -> The Answer Is Never! Discord

The Answer Is Never! -> An indie game that I'm developing in my spare time. Last week I wrapped up a new character concept sheet for Madison Prescot. She is one of the The Answer Is Nevers's antagonists, playing the role of bully. Madison is cruel and mean-spirited person who takes pleasure in humiliating others whenever possible.


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Some time ago we completed the concept art for Gregory. He is the protagonist's father and plays an important role in the story. It's a good feeling to start bringing this world and it's characters to life.

This is a quick capture of the rendering aesthetic currently under development. 95% of the environment is materialized with vertex color and almost no use of 2D texture maps.


If you're interested in following the development of The Answer is Never! on social media, here are a few good spots.

Discord -> https://discord.gg/wpR69H5qRx
Twitch -> https://www.twitch.tv/cold_coffee_software
Twitter -> https://twitter.com/AnswerIsNever
YouTube -> https://www.youtube.com/@JamesArndt
Reddit -> https://www.reddit.com/r/TheAnswerisNever/


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