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Video type recorder 3D model

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This project was intended as a small challenge to the competition, but in the end, disappointed with the result, I decided to continue creating and wait for better changes. As a result, at the moment I have reached a small dead end.

This is the stage of modeling and searching for forms, I don’t think this is interesting, so let’s continue.

My main reference, which I relied on when modeling and which gave me some idea of the color palette.

Now I'm at the texturing stage and still can't determine exactly how interesting and noisy the model looks. And what details need to be corrected for a better look.

There are some elements that I like and some that I haven't finished yet. But still, I decided to publish this post about my progress. I will try to update it as much as possible (to do this I will have to finish all the remaining basic colors that contrast with noisy materials and change these materials themselves to more pleasing to the eye). I will be glad to receive feedback from you, I hope I have enough skill to bring this model to a state that we like.


  • sacboi
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    sacboi high dynamic range
    I'm curious if firstly - there is an artistic intent, context or basically reasoning behind the over exaggerated texture application (bump, roughness, contrast, scratch/dirt masks....etc) especially to this object's polymer shapes aside from it's metal frame, as well?

    Secondly, honestly at a glance really jarring to the eye.

    Anyway, I'd found that this indepth texturing article, crammed full of relevant insight proved extremely helpful when struggling to make sense, of how to generate plausible materials.  
  • Andersen
    Thank you @sacboi so much for your feedback. I did go overboard with the roughness and contrast, straying too far from the original idea. I will take a few ideas from the article and make changes to my model as well.

  • scottycharly
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    scottycharly polycounter lvl 10
    Your modeling is rich and detailled and spot on your ref. The normal is perfect. All the details in the texture like those screws, those letters and so on will make the final piece very interesting. But I agree with sacboi that you are overdoing it with your surfaces, unless your are going with the abandonned warehouse story telling. Tone everything down and keep your surface details subtle. The piece you chose is pretty because the gaze can rest on those large flat color area and then get caught on clusters of samll cool details. On your piece, details are everywhere and nothing is special. This project has the potential to be awesom, keep posting your progress!
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