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Transparency issue when converting from EXR to PNG - Arnold Maya

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I've run into an issue when after rendering an image in Arnold Maya.

I've included images to illustrate the issue. In this scenario I'm working on a car windshield.

When I save an image with a transmissive material on a transparent background in EXR format I get the correct results. When saving an image in EXR format at 32bits the alpha values are correct. The specular / reflective values are displayed correctly on the glass.

However when I change the image mode to 16bit in photoshop, or save my render as a png from Arnold then the alpha values appear to be incorrect.

I understand that when working with EXR's the image format is not meant to deviate throughout the pipeline. I also understand that a 16bit image cannot hold the same information as a 32bit image.

However it would be handy if I could have a way of creating a 16bit image with the correct alpha values. Hope this makes sense.

Is there something in Arnold / Maya I am missing?

Any suggestions? Many thanks in advance.


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