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C.O.C SQUAD Animated Series

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3-4 Years ago my Nephew and I decided it would be funny to create an animated series based on some weird cockroach drawings he did as a child that he called 'COCs'. We came up with some characters and story lines and the name C.O.C SQUAD (Combat Orientated Cockroaches). It's based on early 90s action movies and cartoons and went through quite a few different art styles and approaches until we found what worked. The movies Showdown In Little Tokyo and Hard Target were particularly influential.



I was previously a 3D modeler but it took me quite a while to find 2d animation software that I liked (Moho). The trailer has scenes made with Cartoon Animator, Tahoma 2D, Moho, Hitfilm and Blender. We recently launched a Kickstarter to try and get some funding to finish the first episode in a reasonable amount of time (It's half done). I would love to know what you guys think of it. More info available at https://www.cocsquad.com/
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