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Need portfolio feedback, could you please help me?

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MystAnorak polycounter lvl 3
Hello. First time posting here. 

I recently graduated in college and I was wondering if you could help me achieve greater results with your feedback. Mostly of my projects are hidden because I've put only the projects I felt I did a good job. You can check it here: https://bsouza.artstation.com/

Some years ago when I started of my portfolio for curricular activities, I've done some amount of work, but almost none of these projects got to be in the end, like I present to you today.

I'm currently unemployed actively searching for a job, but I feel like my portfolio isn't good enough.

For context, these are all my projects hidden:

Do you have any feedback? Thank you


  • zetheros
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    zetheros interpolator
    Yea your portfolio isn't good enough, like you said, but that's not a bad thing. University will only take you so far, you need to put in a lot of extra effort to get any chance of getting hired, especially with how the industry is at the moment. IMO you still have 1-1.5 years of improvement if you practice every day from now to get to a hireable level, and that's if you practice hard.

    Focus on what you enjoy making, because you'll be doing it for awhile. Good luck!
  • Alemja
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    Alemja quad damage
    Hello! I think I can offer some solid points that you need to work on:
    • Your modeling skills seem farthest along, keep studying good topology and how to efficiently crunch stuff into low poly models without. I think your vehicles are the best that showcase your skill here.
    • However your texture work leaves a lot to be desired. I would really focus on that for your next project
    • Your environment renders are strange to me, I don't often see a giant environment floating in the sky like you have. If you want to continue making environments, I would look at how professionals in the industry render their projects.
    • The environments still feel like blockouts too, like you ran out of steam due to the scale of them, they don't have as much detail as your vehicles and I think that hurts your presentations.
    • Show your work: I'm not seeing UV or texture sheets, I have no idea how efficient you're being here. This is especially important since you're newer in the industry, you have to show that you can competently do all parts of game art that are required of you.

    I hope these help give you some direction!
  • MystAnorak
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    MystAnorak polycounter lvl 3
    Thank you all for the criticism and great tips, it's always good to be grounded :p . I too felt the cars were better than most everything else. 
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