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WorldAlignedBlend with Height map blending?

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Asim7 polycounter lvl 8
I am making a landscape autoMaterial. I have finished most of it, but I ran into a problem.
I want the transition to not be a gradient, but use the heightmap to blend between the rocks and sand.
I managed to do that in a simple material, but I can't figure out how to do it to the autoMaterial that is using a WorldAllignedBlend and not only a Landscape Layer Blend node.

  • 1. image: the problem, simple gradient blending
  • 2. image: autoMaterial with WorldAlignedBlend, heightblend in Landscape Layer Blend node has no effect.
  • 3. image: regular material, heighblend in Landscape Layer Blend node works fine
  • 4. image: comparison how the height blending works in my regular material that I painted onto the landscape, no WorldAlignedBlend and not a "autoMaterial".
Seems like the WorldAlignedBlend breaks the Height blend on the Landscape Layer Blend node?

Any help or general info so I can learn would be much appreciated, thank you :)


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