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Adidas Puffylettes Product Rendering

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SimãoSilva polycounter lvl 8
Been working a lot with CLO and fusion 360 lately and wanted to try and use both for a project and this seemed the perfect chance for practice!

Made these shoes using reference images from the official Adidas website.
I made the sole in fusion 360 as i found it the most simple way to also model all of the little details.

The fabric was all done using CLO, been working a lot with fashion artists lately and wanted to put what i learned about pattern design to the test, getting the dimensions and shapes right form just the images was a bit wonky but i feel like i got it close enough. 

All of them were rendered in Cycles.

This was a fun project, had a few issues with normals and smoothing groups on the soles from blender, still haven't figured out how to solve it. Link to my artstation post, https://www.artstation.com/artwork/39D9G2.

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