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Melowilo Character Animation for Games

Experienced Character Animation Team for hire. 

I'm aiming to keep our animation team fairly small and tight and use my many years experience as lead animator in game studios to lead my team to deliver high quality animation for games (or other projects types) at a reasonable price (any time-zone is fine but we're in the UE).

 It doesn't matter if you need one animator or a few, or if the project is AAA that needs some extra resources or niche Indie. I understand what games-makers and lead animators need after being in the wars myself through countless crunch-times and late night to get the game out in time.

 All styles covered, from cartoony animation to mocap cleanup. Gameplay animations to cutscenes. We treat mocap with respect and I teach my team to clean it up correctly and as non-destructively as possible.

 I also offer Animation Consulting Services.

 We can also do light rigging/skinning and some modeling if needed and I have access to a wonderful (and extremely experienced) Character Artist and FX artist too. However our focus is Character Animation.


If anyone needs Character Animation doing please send me a message so we can chat about your needs.

Wilhelm Ogterop

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