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Modeling with the help of concept image

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Hi, I have a little problem. I would like to model this type of hand with SubD approach. however I have no idea how to start and how to aproach something like this. Any idea ?


  • Fabi_G
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    Fabi_G insane polycounter
    Hi! A first thing would be to create a blockout of the concept, recreating scale and proportions. While doing so, I would most likely break the model into its individual parts. That's also a step one could do at the very beginning, sort of dissecting the concept.

    But that aside, best ask yourself: If you have trouble with how to best approach this, is the task/subject too complicated? Maybe you can pick something smaller/more simple first? Like just the pliers/clamp or a hand.
    What's your final goal? Learn subdiv modeling or creating a character? For real-time rendering or prerendered? If real-time, what other techniques could you apply to reduce the workload (like adding details during texturing)?

    Good luck!
  • Mysty47
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    Hey man, the goal of this project is to create fully rigged and animation ready robot. I am not going for 1 to 1 design. Its more about that I am stuck on certain part (hands) and I cant move on. This is how my robot currently looking.
  • okidoki
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    okidoki polycounter lvl 2
    The most part of the work in 3D is not on the computer.. it's in your head..
    So.. do a blockout.. (simple paper scrible will be platform independent   :wink: ) what parts do you want to adopt.. what part do you might not understand how they would work (or even look in 3D).. maybe come up with alternatives.. for example: should the joints be "realistic" ? And if not.. then think about how the do not interfere/overlap too much.. because this would break the illusion. 
    ( Emojiis seems to break every text recently.. IDK )
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