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[Finished] Barbarian, a retouch on my first character from last year

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Full project is available on my Artstation below:


Got back to retouch this old project and rework it a bit. I didn't want to go crazy, because I also have to work on my upcoming projects, and would like to focus for those, but my eyes couldn't take anymore the old renders of this character. With minimum effort I was able to reach much better look, which was my real goal with this whole retouch. Basically I touched only the skin, metal and the belt gem textures, tweaked the shaders and finally add an AO maps, which last time my old GPU wasn't able to handle.. aaand that's it. Obviously there is a lot of mistakes which back then I wasn't able to see yet, but now it would take more time to fix, than I would like to spend on it. So just a quick update and I'll try to be better with the next ones.

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