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GameDev team is looking for project opportunity

Hello together!
Let me try my luck here 🙂
I have a team of 5 game developers (lead, coders, 3D artist, level designer) who are capable of creating CGI advertisement content, games for mobile/PC/browser, and game artifacts. etc.
We've just launched a website, where you can see some examples of our work - https://www.playfusionlabs.com/ (website is being updated).
Right now I'm trying to find a project for them (short/long-term, fixed-price, hourly basis - any option), wrote to multiple game studios but no luck yet.
We can solve test tasks, pass interviews, or do anything else needed to get us to work.
If you know someone who could be interested in such a proposal - please let me know. 
Thank you in advance!
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