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Unreal 5, stylized ocean shader waves not displacing correctly?

Greetings everyone! I...am having trouble with the ocean shader I am creating, specifically with the waves at this moment. Currently, I am using a sine wave into a 3 vector (Z) into the world position offset. Currently however, it's not displacing the sine wave in the correct direction. The waves are being displaced from the sides (X) instead of from the front and back (Y) which is now causing the ocean to look really dynamic, but the waves to be 100% flat.

I am still very new to unreal engine 5, so I am having trouble figuring out where to start, to change the direction from X to Y to get the waves to displace.  

The multiply after the wave height parameter is what is going into the world position offset.
Here you can see it displacing, but not in the direction of the waves.

 We can also voice chat on Discord where I can share my screen. 

Thank you Everyone, any assistance is greatly appreciated.


  • Singularity9823
    Hello everyone, I did figure it out. I did not see unreal 5 did not remesh the original mesh. Just had to create my own mesh in Blender with a higher poly count and now the waves are moving as intended! Now I just need to work out the caustics :)
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