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Sketchbook: DamienS.

First Project in my Game Art 1 class. We were to make 5 props although I think I made a lil more than that. Made a cubical / office setting ... but make it cute.
A line of bland, sad cubicals with the one in the middle being brightly colored and (maybe) decorated. Stickers on the walls, computer and phone, drawings in the letter separator and on the desk itself, colorful chair, etc.
Tha Models n Meshes n Such
Tha wireframes
Close ups of the smaller stuff

I already modeled everything so I did a trace over to figure out my colors:

Final renders:
Originally was going to be just three cubicals: the middle cute one and then the ones on either side. Eventually landed on duplicating the cubicals en masse since ... well that makes sense and it fits better than being in a void. Unless I was making some kind of heavenly or hellish office space where you work in the void I guess


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    The ZBrush Bust Project

    I've only modeled one time in ZBrush and was kind of nervous for this project. That and another thing which was not really in my capabilities of fixing.
    I was struggling to figuring out what to base my model off of but I eventually landed on this cute Parasaurolophus I found on artstation.
    This Project ended up being a lot more fun than I expected. I took a Maquette / Sculpture making class last year and really enjoyed it and I think that really helped me understand shapes and forms better. Especially compared to my first time using ZBrush.
    Jumping back in ZBrush after a year, I ended up forgetting a lot of stuff so I had a bit to re-learn. Not all ... but a lot.
    Got a bit more done

    Got a lot done. I had a 6 hour period where I just worked on this straight. A teacher was also there and gave me a few tips to tell me what I should work on
    The Final Renders

    These ended up looking really good. I'm really happy how it turned out! Having solid reference was really nice. I had the concept art but also had skeletons and other artistic renditions to reference. The reigns / rope were... interesting to model. I'm sure there was a much easier and faster way than sculpting the rope twists on a cylinder.

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    The Game Ready Asset Project

    What I referenced for my Asset is this Sword on Artstation! (far left one in the last picture)
    First I had to block out everything to figure out how many pieces. Then I got to work starting with the planes / making the silhouette. The clouds that wrap around the hilt / base of the sword were difficult to sculpt. At first I modeled the clouds as one big chunk but after trying and then struggling with it when I tried to sculpt them I had to go back and make each swirl it's own individual object. That seemed to work a lot better. Was still a big messy but better than it was before.
    I then imported it into Zbrush to get all the details like the cuts and crevasse. The wrap was a bit tricky but I already did something similar to it with the reigns on my Parasaur. It's just kind of tedious making sure the lines smoothy connect.

    After that I went back into Maya to work on the UV's. Not sure if they're the best but all the swirls made it difficult to know where to cut. Spent a bit more time than I would've liked moving stuff around making sure everything fits. Puzzles are fun ... but I am slow. The cuts were also a bit tricky. One of the cuts was more triangular which wasn't that bad but the other is more ovular so there's a lot of triangles in that one area. Need to get that detail but at the same time having to keep it as low poly as possible.

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    Game Environment
    For our last project in Game Art I we were to make a Game Environment. For Inspiration I looked in my super beat up and bulky sketchbook from high school. It's based off this drawing of one of my old d&d characters, Hubertus, in his house (He's an Earth Genasi if you want to know / can tell). I then remembered I had based it off another picture which I had to dig from my old Tumblr archives to find (took like ... two hours lol).

    I'm pretty proud of this it turned out a lot better than I really expected. I really like the beetle and butterflies. Those aren't in the original reference and I added them on a whim because I didn't have enough pictures for the wall, but I think they really added a lot, Especially the butterflies since I could add them outside. The pictures in the frames are also made by me! I took all those pictures from a road trip last summer and put a bunch of filters atop them. I considered maybe drawing maybe family and friends of his  but decided against it due to not much time since I had other projects.

    Also proud of the addition of the cat. They're in the originals but I think it's technically an ornamental piece ... not a real one (I don't think I remember Hubert owning a cat) but a real cat makes more sense and is more cute in my opinion.
    Beetle, Butterfly, and the chains on the light fixture are all planes. Idk I was kinda proud that I was able to do that and for them to still look pretty decent!

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