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Airship Nimbus

I produced this ship for @octetostudios, as a Freelance 3D vehicle artist, during the second quarter of 2023 (Q2).
I was responsible for modeling and texturing the ship called nimbus, in it I had the tasks of bloking, high modeling, retopology, unwrap UV, bake texturemap, texturing pbr.
I met a lot of nice and talented people, especially artists with whom I have created working relationships that I still keep, I loved the experience and it would be a place I would come back to again.
Many special thanks to my art director Alexia for all the feedback she has given me, without it nothing is possible.@the.jumpix 
thanks to my lead artist for the support and feedback in the tuning of the ship parts and volume operation, great communication and soft skills. @desayuno64
And thanks to the team leader also for trusting in my work and teaching me part of his teamwork and leadership. @juliocmarambio

"Sky Oceans: Wings For Hire is a homage to JRPG classics! Set in the open skies, experience adrenaline-filled turn-based dogfights as you take the role of captain and unite a party of rag-tag sky pirates setting upon an unforgettable, touching journey."


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