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Looking for a 3D Designer to help with product and mold designs for adult fantasy toys

We're a well-established player in the adult fantasy toy business, and we're all about crafting top-notch, out-of-this-world products for our awesome customers. We're on the hunt for a super-talented 3D designer to join our creative crew. This involves dreaming up new adult fantasy toys, tweaking and jazzing up the existing ones, and coming up with fresh mold designs for production.

 Let Your Imagination Run Wild: Dream up brand-new, jaw-dropping 3D designs for adult fantasy toys that match our vibe and what our customers crave.

 Give Old Faves a Makeover: Take existing designs and give 'em a facelift, making them even more awesome in terms of looks and user experience.

 Mold Magic: Whip up precise 3D mold designs for production, ensuring they're top-notch in quality and safety.

 Nail Organic Modelling: Show off your skills in creating lifelike, sensual shapes, textures, and structures that'll make our customers go "Wow!"

 Ownership Rights: By agreeing to work with us on this project, you acknowledge that all intellectual property rights and ownership of the products designed during this engagement will be transferred to our company upon completion and payment. We'll handle the legalities and ensure everything's crystal clear for both parties.
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