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[WIP] Sebille - Divinity original sin 2 Character remake

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xiphos polygon
Hello there!

For my new personal project I want to push myself, so I decided to make a remake of the character Sebille from the game DOS2 and share my progress.
I'm aiming for a game ready character in a more realistic looking style, kind of like Baldurs Gate 3. 

References of Sebille's in-game model and promotional/cover art:

I will Include some designs from the cover art like the arm and back armor, hairstyle, leg wear, etc.
But I will mainly reference her in-game design.

I started sculpting a regular body to work on my anatomy knowledge.
Since I used to only sculpt stylized characters, this is one of my biggest challenges to make a body with realistic proportions.

Here is a look at her face and a WIP of her upper armor:

Sebille is very tall compared to the elves in BG3. Originally I planned to make a normal sized version of her, but I think the taller, elegant version suits her better ( Like she is in the game ).

Feedback is welcome, especially regarding anatomy! Thank you for taking a look at this project : )


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