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Could you critique this project i made using ue ? - let's help each other

I made this shot recently,it was my first time using ue.
I modelled everything in maya,used designer to make the materials,and painter for some assets.
I could really use some help,i definetly see how this needs improvement,but i can't quite pin point what i can work on to make it better.
Any help is greatly appreciated,do you think this is presentable to get an internship in the industry ?
( i am very insecure about my future, i know ehehehe)

Please share your work too,i would love to open a discussion to help everyone.


  • teodar23
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    Hey, i would look into the lightmap resolution as i see a lot of artefacts on intersecting surfaces.
    If you are unfamiliar with lightmaps i suggest you search a bit for best practices around that, like cutting out geometry that is not visible, etc.
    The materials look interesting but there is almost always a sharp transition between them. Look into dithered blends for mesh transitions and vertex painting for blending multiple materials on the same mesh.
    Also i cannot comment more on the building as it is quite small in the scene and the screenshots are a bit blurry. Maybe look into high resolution screenshots or at least some mid range shots of the building
  • lena000000
    thank you so much!
    I will implement your advice 
  • lena000000
    still working on it,looks a bit better,im learning a lot.Thank you truly !
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