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Hey there,

I've got this awesome bunch of 7 team members, all super passionate about bringing a game idea I've had to life.

We've been at it for a good 5 months now, putting in the effort to make this project a reality.

Here's the thing: we're pretty much there, just missing one key element – a entry level game design artist. I'm on the lookout for someone who's up for laying down the coding foundation for the game (or even just blueprints, if that's your thing).

We're putting in some serious work, and the assets for the game are all ready to roll. What we're aiming for now is to put together a game prototype to see where it takes us.

If you're into this and you're willing to dive in with us, that'd be just awesome. We're not looking for fancy words or anything – just someone who's as excited about this as we are and also a hard worker.

a taste from 2 of our artist that working on the game:



Shoot me a message if you're interested

[email protected]


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