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UE5 LUT for Substance Painter

Hello all, I made a LUT to match UE5 in Substance Painter, you can get it for free here https://alexandrealvesdb.gumroad.com/l/ue5_lut

No need for additional post-processing, you just put the exr as colorlut in Substance Painter !
I also wrote a Medium article about it that explains how to get to that resultat and that talks about colorspaces, gamma, exposure, etc... So that people can understand how it works and how to make their own LUTs.

Here is the article : https://medium.com/@alexandrealvesdb/how-to-match-substance-painter-viewport-with-ue5-2b022a624515
And you can also get the color chart I made for the comparison here : https://alexandrealvesdb.gumroad.com/l/colorchart

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