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(WIP) Robot Design

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Hello all. I have hit a bit of a design block.  The design was initially for a burglar type of function.  I am no longer confined to that function.  My idea was to have a sort of Futurama/ Iron Giant design, rendered realistically.  Like something you may find at an abandoned amusement park.

This is the OG design. Safe and boring. Materials / Textures were quick drag and drop smart materials from Substance, just to get a feel for the look.

I was thinking more about localized interesting shapes vs telling a story and keeping the silhouette in mind. The idea for the main function of this guy has changed a few times. From a burglar, to a Robo- Bard, dock hand, coal miner, etc.

I know the design is currently lacking construction details, as well as more areas of articulation for movement and articulation.  It still reads like a grumpy old man, which I like. 

I am open to suggestions / critiques/ mark-ups. Thanks for taking a look!


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